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June 2, 2010
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Exotic Matter Accelerator by Julian-Faylona Exotic Matter Accelerator by Julian-Faylona
An exotic and high-tech facility aimed at the exploratory scientific research of exotic matter. Here scientists and technicians prepare the accelerator for an experiment while others idly watch the show

(NOTE: You may not use my works for any purposes for whatever reasons without my consent. Trust me, I'll know if if anyone steals from my gallery because I'll get notified by those who follow or know me.)
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Speechless! :0 Awesome photo!
farnea Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, awesome scifi environment
Wow reminds of Dues Ex HR
Triumviratus Aug 10, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Other than my darling girlfriend, there is nothing more sexy than high end, advanced technology.
You know, exotic matter include this class of negative matter or something (Not antimatter) that, because of its negative physical properties, would have strange effects in the universe. It could, for example. open the throat of a wormhole, and provide an incredibly efficient propulsion system. Because it has negative mass and inertia, gravity repulses it and when you push on it, it moves toward your hand. So you could have a large glob of this stuff at the back of your ship, and all you'd need is an arm to push on the glob to set you going. The speed also picks up exponentially, so I've heard.
Yeah i've been reading about exotic matter and the strange things they can do in relation to time and space... i bet they are very rare. but if one day we can harness the power of exotic matter to create exotic drives we can break the light-barrier and relativity itself.
Breaking relativity would make the universe implode, explode, or disappear, only to be replaced by something even stranger. Nobody as of yet has broken the laws of physics, and I think it's for the best. XD
But yeah, they'd need some kind of mechanism to pull the exotic matter away and isolate it very quickly.
i've also been getting into this stuff. i find it really interesting. This just goes to show how much more we have to discover. :)
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